StateWide Windows Launching Clydesdale Series of Heavy-Duty Feed and Manger Doors for Horse and Pig Trailers at 2016 NATDA Nashville Show


Elkhart, Ind. — StateWide Windows of Elkhart, Ind. has announced the introduction of a newly named category of feed and manger access doors for horse and pig trailers that will be showcased at this year’s North American Trailer Dealers Association (NATDA) annual show. The doors are part of their well respected heavy-duty line of feed and manger doors, and are being re-launched as the “Clydesdale Series” at the show, which takes place in Nashville, Tenn. from Sept. 8-10. OEMs and dealers can check out StateWide’s products at booth #708 at the show.

“We’re one of only two feed door window manufacturers producing this heavy-duty door,” says StateWide Product Manager Jason Barhydt—who not only sells the doors, but engineered them as well. “It’s a mill extrusion with a longer flange, graphite pins and a heavy-duty look.” Part of this look comes from strong hinges that are welded to the frame rather than riveted. “Our hinge pins are graphite coated and are ½-inch in diameter. Others use ¼-inch stainless steel. Their doors are painted extrusions, with maybe .060” walls. Ours are .100” walls in a heavy-duty design. Another innovation is that our inner frame has a hollow flange, which gives it a lot of strength.”

The key component to each of these Clydesdale doors is StateWide’s heavy-duty hinge system. The newly named Clydesdale Line includes three types of feed and manger doors:

  • Radius—Can commonly be seen on several brands of horse and pig trailers on the market today and features a very popular rounded frame, giving it a sleek, modern look
  • Mitered—Square and fully welded for a style that is as rugged as it is functional and durable
  • Panel— Similar to doors or windows that OEMs are building themselves, with the ability to color match any OEM’s trailer designs with custom skins

StateWide National Sales Manager Dan Wright breaks down the offerings in this newly named series of feed and manger doors: “The Clydesdale Series includes the Radius HD (Heavy-Duty) Feed Door, Radius HD Manger Door, Miter HD Feed Door, Miter HD Manger Door and Miter Panel HD Feed Door. This is our ‘best’ option in feed and manger doors. Most companies offer ‘good,’ ‘better,’ and ‘best.’ We only offer ‘better’ and ‘best.’ After the Clydesdale Series, our ‘better’ line is now going to be called the Mustang Series.” This series of doors includes StateWide’s 425 Feed Door and 425 Manger Door, according to Wright.

Barhydt explains that the development of this heavy-duty line six years ago came about after polling manufacturers and dealers out in the field and being told there needed to be a sturdier, more durable door on the market. “When retail customers look at buying a trailer, the first thing they do is open the door and try to rack it,” he says. He is referring to how people test the stiffness and integrity of a door by rocking it back and forth with their hands.

“The least amount of racking will tell you whether it’s a good door or not,” says Barhydt. “StateWide eliminates racking issues by designing a hinge assembly that utilizes higher tolerances than the industry standard to make the pin fit tighter. As a result, the doors are much sturdier. A stiffer, more ‘un-rackable’ door is what we created and why we have such a great hinge system in the Clydesdale Series. We can’t wait to show off this successful line of doors to new dealers and OEMs at this year’s NATDA show.”

About StateWide

StateWide Windows has been a manufacturer of windows and doors for over 70 years. In 1995, the company expanded its product line to include windows and doors for the livestock trailer industry. StateWide Windows is located in Elkhart, Indiana, employs more than 120 people, and supplies more than 400 customers worldwide.

To learn more about StateWide Windows, visit

Phone: 800-860-2594



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