Michigan Based Classic Communications Now an Exclusive Midwest Provider of Clear Vision Media Virtual Aerial and 360-Degree VR Tours for Business and Industry

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Niles, Mich. – Marketing and communications firm Classic Communications has teamed up with technology partner Clear Vision Media (CVM) to provide FAA-sanctioned commercial aerial drone photography and 360-degree panoramic virtual tours of municipalities and businesses across the Midwest. Classic Communications’ new technology partner has an FAA Exemption 333, the designation required to offer legal, commercially piloted, aerial photography using cost-effective, multi-rotor aircraft, commonly known as drones. Clear Vision Media is also a certified Google Agency allowing Classic Communications to provide 360 Google tours to both Google Street View and business websites.

The Virtual Reality Tour is an Essential Marketing Tool

“With more and more people researching their destinations online before they travel, cities, downtown development authorities, economic development organizations, airports, hotels, resorts, golf courses, wineries and various other companies need to embrace 360-degree virtual tours as an essential part of their internet content,” said Classic Communications President, Ron Barger. “When we were asked to partner with Clear Vision Media, we immediately recognized the value and unique set of virtual reality tools they bring to the marketplace.”

Barger went on to explain how Classic Communications and Clear Vision Media is offering something completely different from conventional real estate tours or aerial photography. “With this new technology we can create Immersive VR that is only limited by the imaginations of our customers,” he said. “Imagine flying over a city and simply clicking on a restaurant logo below which takes you to an interior view of that restaurant where you can look through all its rooms, pick a table, view the menu, the hours it’s open, click on a hot link to make a reservation, all on your mobile device from two states away.”

A Google Certified Agency

Cean Burgeson, project manager for Classic Communications, pointed out the importance of virtual tours as Google has adopted the 360-tours onto its Google Street View platform. “Because Google added 360 functionality to its Google business listings and Google Street View offerings, our new strategic partnership with Clear Vision, a certified Google agency, covers this base with our customers. There are only a handful of these agencies in the Midwest who can offer complete integration with Google’s search and business tools.”

Being a Google Certified Agency makes the CVM and Classic Communications team the best choice in the region for providing interactive tours of local businesses. But Burgeson explained that Google formatted tours are more basic than the enhanced tours Classic and Clear Vision are offering customers for their own websites. “As part of our service, we program and upload the Google 360 tours to Google, but the higher-end virtual tours with navigation, drop-down menus, video, aerials and other enhanced features are provided to our clients as an actual link on their websites,” he stated.

Experts in a Wide Range of Virtual Reality Offerings

360-degree panoramic virtual and Google tours are only the beginning of what Classic Communications and CVM are offering. Aerial drone photography and video can be integrated with 360 tours to provide stunning and dynamic calling cards for businesses and municipalities via websites, social media and handheld presentations.

With 25-years of experience in community branding and economic development, Classic Communications works with Municipal and Business Development Organizations, City Planners, Local and Regional Economic Development, Tourism Bureaus, City and Regional Chambers of Commerce and business and industry to create highly effective and engaging visual content that is fresh and affordable.

  • Travel and Hospitality—Classic and CVM 360 virtual productions are an engaging way to showcase guest rooms, property amenities, and meeting and event spaces to pre-sell a hotel or resort prior to the reservation or booking.
  • Destination Marketing—Dramatic aerial photography combined with virtual street-level entrance and navigation of public parks, downtown attractions, local businesses, restaurants and bars pull visitors to the site.
  • Economic Development—Site Selectors no longer need to pay for expensive surveying teams or airplane flyovers to determine exact costs for earth moving, utility location and site preparations to reach shovel-ready status.
  • Industrial Space and Plant Tours—Virtual 360 plant tours and videos allow customers a unique perspective of interior and exterior of industrial facilities to better understand manufacturing processes and machinery.

About Classic Communications

Classic Communications is a full-service public relations, marketing, advertising and communications firm specializing in business-to-business industrial, outdoor recreational products, educational and civic promotions, and community and economic development. Classic Communications has been serving businesses for 22 years with a unique approach to campaign-based strategic marketing.


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